John 20:21 (ESV) — 21 Jesus said to them again, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.”

Happy New Year’s Eve, church!

Can you believe 2023 begins tomorrow?!? Oh, how time flies!

Whether 2022 has flown by or creeped along for you, today may be a good day to reflect on the past year. Here’s an idea… look at the camera roll on your phone and reminisce a bit. What was your highlight? How have you grown? Who have you laughed and cried with? Where have you gone? Most importantly, what has God done in your life this year?

While reflecting back is a helpful exercise, be careful that your past doesn’t weigh you down or cause you to rest on your laurels*. The point of reflecting is to propel us forward with more confidence and experience than we had before.

This is exactly what we’re going to do this Sunday. Our pastors will help us review 2022, a year of LIVING SENT as a church. It’s going to be full of worship, prayer, and God’s word. Our morning together will be a joyful celebration as well as a sober reminder, an encouragement as well as a challenge. Most of all, it will be an occasion to remember how incredibly faithful our God has been, which will strengthen our faith and give us confidence for all the opportunities to live sent that lie ahead of us in 2023.

*Click HERE to find out what “rest on your laurels” means.

I can’t wait to ring in the new year with you on Sunday!

Brett Lovern
Pastor of Worship and Arts