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Mission Church Discipleship Pathway

At Mission Church, we make disciples who live loved and sent to the glory of God. We provide a pathway to grow as a disciple by encouraging you to live in small groups, learn in classes, serve on teams, and contribute as families. Our Discipleship Pathway is purposefully crafted to help you become established in the faith. It’s built so that, no matter if you are new to following Jesus or have been walking with Him all your life, you will grow in your agility in the gospel and be strengthened in the way of Christ.

We encourage you to find where you can join our Discipleship Pathway and take the next step in finding your place in the Mission.

Fall 2023 registration is now open.

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Women’s Discipleship Classes

Tuesdays • SEPTEMBER 12 – DECEMBER 5 • 6:45 PM
Wednesdays* • SEPTEMBER 13 – DECEMBER 6 • 9:15 AM
Meets Bi-Weekly • $10 Material Cost
*Childcare available for Wednesday class only.

What does it look like to truly have enough and need nothing more? The Bible says Jesus is enough. Our minds can believe it, but how do we convince our hearts to live it out? He is Enough – Living in the Fullness of Jesus by Asheritah Ciuciu is a verse-by-verse journey through Colossians to discover the life-altering importance of Jesus’ sufficiency and sovereignty. Join with the women of Mission Church as we encounter the God who is here with us and is enough for us.

Men’s Discipleship Class

Fridays • september 15 – december 8 • 6:00 AM
Meets Bi-Weekly • No Cost

Our men’s discipleship groups provide the opportunity for men to grow and learn in community at Mission Church. In this series, Jesus Unfiltered, we will look at Jesus’ unfiltered character and unwavering commitment to follow the will of the Father. With a unique look at the life of Jesus, we will experience Jesus’ life of dependence, faith, denial, love, obedience, and pursuit of people. The end goal is that we too may reflect the life of Jesus. The format of our time together will be a mixture of video, large group discussion, and small group discussion.

First Principles 1

Wednesdays • September 13 – December 6 • 6:45 PM
Meets Weekly • $20 Material Cost

It is critical that we become established in the faith. Otherwise, strange teachings more compatible with our culture rather than true Christian faith can upset whole families and churches. The First Principles 1 class is designed to establish you in the faith. Rather than typical information-based, fill-in-the-blank approach, the class uses a learning process involving Bible passages, readings, community dialogue, and personal reflection and projects. As you study the core principles of Christ and His Apostles you will become firmly established in your faith, which will serve you for a lifetime.

Growing Kids God’s Way, Part 1*



God has entrusted parents with a great responsibility of leading the next generation towards glorifying God. This class will uncover godly parenting principles and practical tools to help equip you to raise your kids by pointing them to Christ through your parenting. The class is ideal for parents with 3-13 year olds. The format will be large group teaching and small group discussion. Growing Kids God’s Way Part 1 will be a prerequisite for Part 2.

*This class is FULL. If you’d like to be on a waitlist, please email pastorjared@mission-church.com.


Pauline Epistles

Wednesdays • September 13 – December 6 • 6:45 PM
Meets Weekly • $75 Material Cost (Scholarships Available)
Helpful Prerequisites: Acts

Few would deny that the Apostle Paul was the most effective missionary in biblical history. Beyond preaching the gospel and planting churches, the Holy Spirit moved in Paul to author 13 books of the New Testament called the Pauline Epistles. Within these letters, we find the principles and keys to establish and strengthen disciples and churches in the way of Jesus. In this leadership level class, we will study Paul’s writings, the impact they had in the first century, and the implications they have on the modern church and you. If you’ve taken the Acts class, this is the perfect next class for you!

Doctrine Matters

Wednesdays • September 13 – December 6 • 6:45 PM
Meets Weekly • $45 Material Cost (Scholarships Available)

What is the Trinity? How does the Holy Spirit work in our lives? What is the role of the church in the believer’s life? The way we answer these questions and many others have a massive impact on how we live our lives and view our world. Why? Because doctrine matters! In this class we will study systematic theology as guided by Mission Church’s doctrinal statement and grow in our understanding of what the Bible teaches about the doctrines that matter most to our world, our church, and our individual lives.

Entrepreneurship 101

Wednesdays • September 13 – November 15 • 6:45 PM
Meets Weekly • $35 Material Cost (Scholarships Available)

Are you exploring what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Trying to figure out a side hustle or business idea? Are you thinking through the early stages of starting a business? This class will help you learn a biblical perspective on entrepreneurship and help you consider the characteristics of an entrepreneur. You will gain clarity on what it takes to start a business as you seek clarity from the Lord through prayer and a careful study of starting a business guided by principles from the Word of God.


Ministry at Mission

Saturdays • September 16 – December 9 • 7:30 AM
Meets Weekly • $75 Material Cost (Scholarships Available)
Required Prerequisite: Leadership Intensive
Helpful Prerequisite: completion of all Leadership Level classes

Our training program for those who desire to commissioned into ministry continues with our fifth and final module. In Ministry at Mission you will develop and sharpen a personal doctrinal statement, learn the ministry philosophy of Mission Church, and develop convictions of our DNA and culture. This module will prepare those who have completed the prerequisites to be tested for pastoral ministry licensing and help those beginning the training build a foundation for future modules.


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