Discipleship Classes

Spring 2023 Discipleship Classes


Mission Church Discipleship Pathway

At Mission Church, we make disciples who live loved and sent to the glory of God. We provide a pathway to grow as a disciple by encouraging you to live in small groups, learn in classes, serve on teams, and contribute as families. Our Discipleship Pathway is purposefully crafted to help you become established in the faith. It’s built so that, no matter if you are new to following Jesus or have been walking with Him all your life, you will grow in your agility in the gospel and be strengthened in the way of Christ.

We encourage you to find where you can join our Discipleship Pathway and take the next step in finding your place in the Mission.

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Women’s Groups

Tuesdays • January 31 – April 25 • 6:45 PM
Wednesdays* • February 1 – April 26 • 9:15 AM
Meets Bi-Weekly • $10 Material Cost
*Childcare available for Wednesday class only.

We know in our head that God is for us, that there’s great hope in His relationship with us and salvation for us, but sometimes these truths can be hard to believe in the midst of exhaustion, busyness, and a world of spiritual and physical opposition. If God Is For Us is a Bible Study on Romans 8 designed to cement in your soul the great truths of our salvation and an understanding for how the Holy Spirit guides our new life in the Spirit. 

Men’s Groups

Thursdays • February 16 – April 27 • 6:45 PM
Fridays • February 17 – April 28 • 6:00 AM
Meets Bi-Weekly • $7 Material Cost

Our men’s group series this spring is Fighting Your Battles. Discussion will be fueled by author, speaker, and former NFL chaplain Jonathan Evans. We will discover how you can face every hardship with strength and hope. You can be confident that God will always use your trials for his glory because he is fighting your battles. Let’s fight our battles together as men at Mission Church.

Becoming a Disciple

Wednesdays • February 8 – March 22 • 6:45 PM
Sundays • february 12 – March 19 • 11:00 AM
Meets Weekly • $10 Material Cost

The concept of becoming a disciple is central to the entire message and mission of Jesus Christ. After having been crucified and resurrected from the dead, Jesus gave His followers—the disciples—a clear command: to go to the whole world and make disciples. This class is designed to take you through a simple process of examining the Bible for yourself and carefully thinking through what it means to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. Whether you’re a new Christian or have walked with Christ for many years, this class will ground you in foundational teaching for the mission that every disciple is called to by Jesus Christ.

Belonging to a Family of Families

Wednesdays • March 29 – May 3 • 6:45 PM
Sundays •  March 26 – May 7 • 11:00 AM
Meets Weekly • $10 Material Cost

Two of the greatest needs in life are finding a sense of belonging and purpose. Belonging comes from a sense of family. In the fullest and most powerful sense, belonging is enjoyed within true community. The concept that we belong to a family and that our family belongs to a larger family—the church—is foundational to enjoying a healthy sense of belonging. However, it is not just enough to belong to a family and a community. We must belong to a community of purpose. This class will establish you in the first principles of community life.

Participating in the Mission of the Church

Wednesdays • February 8 – march 22 • 6:45 PM
Sundays •  February 12 – March 19 • 11:00 AM
Meets Weekly • $10 Material Cost

As Christians we are given the ultimate purpose, the ultimate mission – fulfilling the mission of Jesus Christ. Christ is building His kingdom for all eternity. It is our job to help make disciples of Jesus Christ throughout the world and follow His plan to build this kingdom. In this class, participants will examine Christ’s plan and identify how they can fully participate in that plan. When we grasp the ultimate purpose of Christ for our lives, we will be filled with meaning and purpose.

Habits of the Heart

SUNDAYS • MARCH 26 – MAY 7 • 11:00 AM

In this class, participants will take a radically different approach to the habits of the heart. God never intended our lives to be based solely on a set of individual daily habits, but rather on a whole life orientation that grows out of family and community life. We are not to gain insights from the Word fundamentally in isolation but from disciplines in all spheres of our lives. God carefully designed these habits to guide each believer into a life in which Christ can richly dwell in our hearts, resulting in our entire lives being transformed by our calling.



Abundant life is life lived to the fullest, reaching its full potential, full of meaning and purpose, fully enjoyed. We all desire this kind of life. Yet many fail to achieve it. This class will take you through a process – life stewardship in community – that will use Scripture to discover your gifts, passions, and opportunities. Through six strategic steps you will construct strategies for your own development, your family’s development, and your lifework. This class will help you build a life development plan to achieve God’s purpose for your life.




Wednesdays • February 8 – May 10 • 6:45 PM
Meets Weekly • $75 Material Cost (Scholarships Available)

This class focuses on Luke’s intent for writing the book of Acts and carefully looks at what Luke marks out as the keys to the Great Commission unfolding in the first generation of the church and for us today. It will help you summarize the essence of the Great Commission its unfolding today. You will learn the mission of the church and discover its role in missions. Acts is the entry-level class to all Leadership Classes at Mission Church, and foundational for anyone seeking to serve in leadership roles in our church.



Road to Ministry

Saturdays • February 11 – May 13 • 7:30 AM
Meets Weekly • $75 Material Cost (Scholarships Available)
Required Prerequisite: Leadership Intensive
Helpful Prerequisite: completion of all Leadership Level classes

Mission Church has developed the Road to Ministry modular as the core training to equip ministers-in-training discover their call to and preparation for ministry. Our vision is to be able to entrust ministry to those who have a clear call from the Lord and are prepared in the character, knowledge, and skill to lead a church, regardless of natural ability, level of experience, or amount of academic training. This modular will equip you with a clear understanding of your calling and create a pathway into ministry.