In the beginning, God created everything. Echoes of His power rang through the universe as He declared it all good. No questions of origin, purpose, order, and causality fill our hearts as we ponder how far we’ve fallen. Even as confusion and distortion reverberate around us, answers and hope are still found in the echoes of Eden.

Echoes of Christmas

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Dec 24, 2021

Echoes of Confusion

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Dec 19, 2021

Echoes of Names & Nations

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Dec 12, 2021

Echoes of Covenant

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Dec 5, 2021

Echoes of Thanksgiving

Pastor Brett Lovern Nov 28, 2021

Echoes of Hope

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Nov 21, 2021

Echoes of Calamity

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Nov 14, 2021

Echoes of Corruption

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Nov 7, 2021

Echoes of Life

Pastor Nate Newell Oct 31, 2021

Echoes of Consequence

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Oct 24, 2021

Echoes of Sin

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Oct 17, 2021

Echoes of Man

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Oct 10, 2021

Echoes of Creation

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Oct 3, 2021

Echoes of Eternity

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Sep 26, 2021