19 And my God will supply every need of yours according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:19


I’m finishing up this pastor’s note at the end of my Friday. When I’m done writing, I will pray over it, send it off, and then head out to my truck and head home. As I type these words, I’m remembering how my gas light came on yesterday on my way home from the office. I know now that if I want to get home I’m going to NEED to stop and get some gas. Soon I’ll be pulling into a gas station that has a SUPPLY of various levels of ethanol-supplemented octane.


It’s an incredibly simple point, but it’s worth noting that having a NEED means finding a SUPPLY. The verse above reminds us that God has a SUPPLY of riches great enough to meet every NEED we have. With that said, it’s important to note that having the SUPPLY is one thing; but actually supplying a need in a gracious way is another matter.


We all are very familiar with the principle of SUPPLY and demand (NEED). When I go to the gas station, I’ll be charged based on the market’s demand for gas. And we all know that number can go up and down drastically based on how much gas is actually available. Friend, note that God owns it all. He is and will supply all of our needs according to His riches in glory. God doesn’t have to charge inflation on His provision and grace because it is inexhaustible. Just think on that for a second. God’s riches in glory will never run dry. Why? Because they are in Jesus Christ!


This week, we are going to see Moses find his strength in God’s provision. God is going to meet he and Israel’s every need. While they aren’t gassing up the camels, we are going to find Moses crying out to God and YHWH supplying their need based on His own glory and grace. Because as you read Exodus 15:21-17:7, you’ll see once again how they didn’t deserve it. Finally, as you read, try to identify the ways that God supplied their need according to His riches in Jesus Christ.


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Loved & sent with you,

Pastor Jerry