11 Now I was cupbearer to the king. – Nehemiah 1:11

Have you ever made a decision that radically transformed the direction of your life?  For sure we’ve all done things outside of our comfort zone and gift set, but I’m referring to a choice that was only possible through deep faith.  So, have you?

This week we begin a new Sermon series called Restored: Rebuilding the Wall of Faith.  It’s a verse by verse study through the Book of Nehemiah. The book is named after it’s central figure, Nehemiah.  A man who sets the bar pretty high for making a faith-filled, life-altering, radically-redirecting life decision.

What I love about Nehemiah is that he’s an unknown guy who is introduced in the book as the son of an another unknown man (1:1).  Nehemiah is so unknown that you can search your entire bible and not find him mentioned anywhere else.  He’s just a simple guy working a government job.  As you can see in the verse above he’s the cupbearer to the king, a job which requires high character and low skill.  The job carries one responsibility… taste the kings food with a smile on your face.  Aside from the risk of unlikely poisoning, that is a pretty cushy job.

What lies ahead for us is a story of how our extraordinary God can use “ordinary” people to accomplish remarkable feats to fulfill His purpose in redemptive history.  God’s going to uproot Nehemiah and take him way out of his comfort to strengthen God’s people and fortify Jerusalem through the restoration of it’s city walls.

What does a cupbearer know about leading people and building walls?  The better question is what kind of FAITH did Nehemiah posses to make this kind of life-altering decision to be used by God? It was a faith that was as strong and thick as the wall he was called to build. Nehemiah was able to build a wall because a wall of faith was already built in his own life. And friends, that’s the goal for you and me, that we would look to the Lord over the course of these next 12 weeks and get to work rebuilding the Wall of Faith.

I cannot wait to tear into this book with you.  Take some time to start reading through it yourself.  Read as far as you can but for sure take a look at chapter 1 as that’s where we will be this week. Be sure to listen to the worship set as you prepare for worship this Sunday.

Love you Church. Let’s get Building.

Jerry Lingenfelter
Senior Pastor

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