31 Remember me, O my God, for good. – Nehemiah 13:31

How dramatic are these final words recorded by Nehemiah?

Perhaps it’s the nostalgia that sets in every time a series comes to an end, but this simple prayer by this simple man is hitting me deeply.  Once again, the Lord has used His Word to meet us where we are. He led us to the perfect book for the perfect time to guide and strengthen us when our walls of faith needed it most.

When Nehemiah learned of the devastation in his land, I trust you could relate. When he received his call, were you able to consider your own? I hope so. When he, a simple cup bearer, stepped out in faith with a plan, I trust you were challenged to do the same. When he we was given the strength to stand up to the opposition, I hope you were strengthened. When Nehemiah persevered and received all of the provision he needed to complete the wall, did you celebrate? Friends, God’s Word is powerful and living. We must consume it even as it consumes us in its truth.  Every expositional voyage through the Scriptures ought to be a journey of spiritual renewal and life change.

And now, as we come to the end, Nehemiah’s last words ring loudly: “Remember me, O my God, for good.” As we come to the final chapter, we can look back and recount all of the work the Lord has done. We can see clearly now that the physical walls were only pointing to the greater walls of faith. These final words of Nehemiah reveal to us that, with all the work he’d done in the city and in the people, in the end he was still concerned with his own heart before God. “Lord remember me,” is a simple petition to receive the Lord’s grace. His request to “be remembered for good” was his way of saying, “Lord, this was all for you.”  For in the end what would it matter if he’d restored the walls in the city and in the lives of others if he’d neglected his own?

This week, as we close the series, we will be reminded that, when it comes to building walls of faith, the work is never done. While we can rejoice in all the Lord has done, we mustn’t rest because there will always be those who seek to tear down our walls. That’s why this week we will learn what it takes to keep persisting in our faith so that, in the end, like Nehemiah we can pray, “Remember me, O’ my God, for good.”

Take some time to read the final chapter of Nehemiah and consider how persistent Nehemiah needed to be to finish well. Be sure to listen to the worship set as you prepare for worship.

Love you church, and I can’t wait to see you Sunday.

Jerry Lingenfelter
Senior Pastor

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