10 And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.” – Luke 2:10

Good news of great joy.

Could you use some great news? Who couldn’t? In a day when we are overwhelmed with news content, why is good news so hard to come by? I’ve watched and read a lot of news over the years and the pattern has typically been after a flood of bad, sad, and disappointing news, there would be one good news story. For example, at the end of the nightly news I remember Tom Brokaw saying, “we end this broadcast with a good news story.” A heartwarming feel good tale would follow. It would tug at your heart strings, make you smile, and at times, bring a tear of joy to your eye. As a kid I often wondered, if these stories made us feel so much better than the “bad” stories, why didn’t the news simply tell more of them?

When the angels visited the shepherds in the fields, they didn’t just bring good news, they brought good news of great joy. Great joy equates not just to “make you smile” but “make you jump to your feet and celebrate” news. What kind of news does that? The news of a Savior coming to save the sins of the world kind, of course. This week as we consider the appearance of the angels to the shepherds, it’s helpful to consider the shepherds didn’t have the easiest of lives. In many respects they were from a cast of people who didn’t receive a lot of good news. But on this night, joy was delivered by the most unlikely of newscasters – an angel who spoke as a credible source on behalf of the Lord.

This “story” is a common one, but I can’t wait to stop and consider fresh how God sent lofty angels to lowly shepherds to deliver the most incredible news ever told. Jesus Christ the Savior of the world has come. Can you believe it? Isn’t it good news?! Come on, let’s jump to our feet in great joy and celebrate the Lord together this Sunday.

Take some time to read Luke 2:1-15 and reflect on the message of the angels’ song; how it fills the shepherds with joy and changes their lives forever. And be sure to listen to the worship set as you prepare for worship.

Jerry Lingenfelter
Senior Pastor

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