“And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day.” – Genesis 1:31

Good. (tob) (adj. n.) – that which is pleasing, beautiful, useful, and/or SUITABLE for the purpose it was intended to serve.

Playdough time is a mess; but if you ask my kids, it is O’-SO-GOOD! They love it. And what’s not to love? I can relate to my kids’ delight over it. It is a toy that is “pleasing, useful, and suitable” for any child who doesn’t mind smudge under their fingernails. Nevertheless, I must admit that I had a mixed view of the dough when I was a kid.  Even now, I can feel the texture of squishiness, smell the distinct scent of oddness, and even recall accidentally learning of its salty taste. While playdough has a strong upside in the toy department, it does have some drawbacks after it’s been used. For example, I can remember creating Bible scenes in my Sunday School class and being frustrated when the colors stuck together. Perhaps it speaks to my temperament, but cleaning up playdough was often a chore that outweighed the fun. And that’s not to mention the amount of disappointment I often felt when I’d open a container to find multiple colors of dough mixed together. But on the flip side, I must admit, if you’d given me a fresh set of unopened playdough canisters in my “runners class,” I would’ve happily worked hard to give you a Genesis 1 creation scene that was “very good” in my 4-year-old eyes.

Friends, this week we are going to witness God create everything and call it good. Last week, we learned that He created Ex-Nihilo, that is, out of nothing. No time. No space. No Matter. Nothing stuck to His hands, everything was crisp and sharp and every detail was just as He intended it to be. Everything He created was good. It was all suitable to Him and for Him. When I think back to my Sunday School, playdough level understanding of the creation story, I can’t help but feel just as overwhelmed today as I did then. Even as I would have tried to capture “very good” then, I’m all the more in awe today as I contemplate what that means that God created EVERYTHING very good. I cannot wait to dive into Genesis Chapter 1 and discover the Echos of Creation with you.

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Love you, Church.

Jerry Lingenfelter
Senior Pastor

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