“And God made a wind blow over the earth and the waters subsided…” – Genesis 8:1

It’s fall. I know it’s fall because the wind is having it’s way with the leaves at my house. No matter how often I sweep or blow off my back deck you can rest assured that it will need to be cleared again within hours. The leaves are everywhere right now.  The wind blows them into every nook and cranny around the exterior of my house. Window wells, door jams, the top of our gutters, the patio, and my truck bed are all prime spots for leaves.

How powerful does a fall breeze need to be in order to carry leaves to their resting place? I guess the answer depends on how ready they are to fall. The slightest puff could easily release a leaf to the whim of gravity as it floats to the ground. Similarly, I find myself asking how strong was the wind that moved the waters after the flood? Certainly, we’ve all felt gusts that can empty an entire tree, but what kind of gust blew over the earth and moved the waters to their place as the waters of the cosmic flood subsided? Come on friend, let your spiritual mind float in wonder.

If you’ve been captured in the story of Noah, you are going to love this week’s text. This week, Noah’s hope is fulfilled as God moves the waters to their post-flood resting places. This week, we are considering the “Echos of Hope.”  Take some time to read Genesis 8 and consider how God rewards a faithful and hope-filled Noah. And then ask the Lord to strengthen and renew your hope as you wait on Him to do the impossible thing you identified last week.

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Love you, Church.

Jerry Lingenfelter
Senior Pastor

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