“As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him.” – Psalm 103:13
Picture this scene… one of my children who had been playing outside has just come into the house crying with blood running from their knee. My wife, Jenn, and I handle this situation very differently.

Jared (through an inquisitive voice with the gift of exhortation): “How did this happen? What did you do? Who did this to you? Were you showing off again? Did you build another homemade ramp?”
Jenn (through a comforting, empathetic voice with the gift of mercy): “Come here and let me help you and take care of this. What kind of Band-aid would you like?”

Ok, so I gotta embrace Psalm 103:13 a little more! My wife tends to default to compassion with children quicker than I do. A compassionate person doesn’t get annoyed with interruptions and welcomes those who are in need or hurting. I am so thankful for a Savior who has shown compassion on me and on us! Compassion was a primary motivation of Jesus’ ministry to the crowd. This week, we will see how Jesus is able to teach the disciples that a compassionate heart will lead to helping hands. This specific narrative in Luke 9:10-17 is a well known one as Jesus feeds the 5,000. I have heard this story from childhood and have taught this story to children through the years, and now we look at it in a fuller context of living sent.

If you have been sensing that evangelism is in your head and are struggling to connect it to your heart and hands, you are not alone. We will see Jesus has another powerful training session for His disciples and also for us about how to live sent and how to serve the crowd.

Here is the worship set to help you prepare your heart.

Jared Schnapf
Pastor of Next Generation & Discipleship

9:00 AM  – Worship Service On Campus & Online (Lancaster Campus)
9:15 AM  – Worship Service On Campus & Online (Myerstown Campus)
11:00 AM – Worship Service on Campus & Online (Lancaster Campus)


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