1 In the beginning, God. – Genesis 1:1

Wow. What a statement.

So many issues and matters of confusion can be cleared up by the truth declared in Genesis. Over and over again, we’ve seen how the answers for our present are embedded within the truths of the past. In Genesis 1-11, our origins and purpose ring loudly as “Echoes of Eden.” Then in Genesis 12-22, the trajectory of our future resounds clearly through ancient “Echoes of Promise.” And now in Genesis 23-33, the Echoes of God’s presence roll over us as He did over Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

As we prepare our hearts for this next section of timeless truth, it’s appropriate to remind us of where we’ve been.  And honestly, nothing takes me back through our series like the sounds and images of the bumpers that accompanied each message.

So, here you go. Come back to the beginning with me.

Click here for Echoes of Eden (Genesis 1-11).

Now click here for Echoes of Promise (Genesis 12-22).


And friends, here is a preview of what lies ahead in Echoes of Presence.


Alright church, I’m carrying these goosebumps into Sunday. I’m fired up and I cannot wait.

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter