Our Mark


A Mark with Meaning

Mission Church’s logo consists of an icon and wordmark. The icon is an intentional symbol that brings together four diamond-shaped arrows grounded by a center circle. In the negative space of the circle is the shape of an “X” which represents the Chi symbol used by the early church as a visual reference to Christ. The four arrows point inward to Christ, representing those coming into the church to be discipled, and then outward to represent the mission of Christ to all the ends of the earth. A quick look at the mark gives reference to the shape of a cross bringing depth and great meaning, another look shows a compass signaling clarity of direction and purpose, and yet another look gives way to arrows breaking through a circle, representing Christ’s Mission not able to be contained inside the walls of a church building. The balance of a contemporary symbol with an ancient flair and a modern typeface serves to create a timeless and intergenerational feel with a rich heritage to the overall logo which aligns with who we are as a church, while also portraying an active church seeking to share and teach Christ locally, regionally, and around the world.