Multiply Conference

November 12-13, 2021

Mission Church • 651 Lampeter Road, Lancaster, PA 17602


Mission requires multiplication. We all want to multiply disciples and churches to the glory of God, but what is the factor that accelerates the mission? We believe the answer is developing new leaders.

Multiply Conference is designed to inspire and equip church leaders to multiply themselves so the next generation of leaders are developed for the mission. What could happen if our next leaders were fully equipped by the mission to multiply? What if new leaders embraced the maturity necessary to multiply? What would happen if they were inspired by the miracle to multiply?

Join us for three interactive teachings that will inspire leaders to multiply, a hands-on workshop to refine methods for multiplication, and a dedicated team time that will practically equip your current leaders to develop upcoming leaders.

Bring your most trusted leaders to prepare for your next season of mission advancement.


Friday, November 12

6:30 PM   x   Doors Open

7:00 PM   x   Session 1: The Mission to Multiply

9:00 PM   x   After Party: Pie & Fellowship


Saturday, November 13

8:30 AM   x   Doors Open

9:00 AM   x   Session 2: The Maturity to Multiply

10:30 AM   x   Workshops: The Ministries that Multiply

12:00 PM   x   Lunch & Dedicated Team Time

1:00 PM   x   Session 3: The Miracle to Multiply

2:00 PM   x   Close

Sessions & Workshops

The Mission to Multiply

Where do you fit into the mission that multiplies? When we see who made up Paul’s mission team, we can find our place in the mission today.

The Maturity to Multiply

What kind of character do you need to multiply other leaders? Being a leader brings the assumption that you have maturity of character, but it doesn’t automatically happen. It’s developed, and Timothy’s development gives us the roadmap for how to develop the maturity to multiply.

The Miracle to Multiply

How has God provided leaders for your church? The miracle of leader development needs you to depend on God’s provision as you purposely engage in the formation of leaders.

Workshops: The Ministries that Multiply

What is are the steps your ministries take to develop new leaders? This hands-on workshop will equip ministry servants to take new volunteers through a process that develops the knowledge, character, and skills needed to shoulder the leadership responsibilities across all ministry areas of your church.


  • Elders
  • Hospitality
  • Kids & Students
  • Small Group Leaders
  • Worship


Session Speakers

Jerry Lingenfelter
Mission Church
Lancaster, PA

Nate Newell
Mission Church
Lancaster, PA

Pastors’ Panel

Brandon Capuano
Harvest Bible Chapel
Rochester, NY

Nathan Davis
Harvest Bible Chapel
Cambridge, OH

Bill Foss
Harvest Church
Westbrook, ME

Dan Hammer
Harvest Bible Chapel
Annapolis, MD

Ben Miller
Oak Hill Fellowship Church
Quarryville, PA

Jon Mollohan
Vertical Church
Gallipolis, OH

Breakout Leaders


Ed Bley
Mission Church
Lancaster, PA


Lisa Self
Mission Church
Lancaster, PA

Kids & Students

Jared Schnapf
Mission Church
Lancaster, PA

Small Group Leaders

Nate Lott
Mission Church
Lancaster, PA


Brett Lovern
Mission Church
Lancaster, PA

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