In Genesis, God made a promise to Abraham that directed the course of redemptive history. From wanderer to wonderer, the story of Abraham gives us a picture of God’s relentless faithfulness toward those He loves. Our God always keeps His word. What He says, He will do. Through out history, we see and hear echoes of God fulfilling HIs promise.

Echoes of Purpose & Praise

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Dec 4, 2022

Echoes of Presence

Pastor Nate Newell Nov 27, 2022

Echoes of the Past

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Nov 20, 2022

Echoes of Penalty

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Nov 13, 2022

Echoes of Petition

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Nov 6, 2022

Echoes of Power

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Oct 30, 2022

Echoes of Punctuality

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Oct 23, 2022

Echoes of Providence

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Oct 16, 2022

Echoes of Protection

Pastor Nate Newell Oct 9, 2022

Echoes of Provision

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Oct 2, 2022

Echoes of Patience

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Sep 25, 2022

Echoes of Promise

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Sep 18, 2022