The goal is to avoid ever having to use the phrase “too little, too late” to describe our lives. Based on 1 Peter 4:10, God has called us to be stewards of His grace, no matter our place in life. We’re too blessed not be a blessing. He’s gifted us to trust in Him as we serve, strengthened us to trust in Him as we rest, supplied us to trust in Him as we share, secured us to trust in Him for our satisfaction, and sheltered us to trust in Him as we surrender.

Suffering is for Sanctification

Pastor Nate Lott Sep 1, 2019

Strengths are for Serving

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Aug 25, 2019

Stuff is for Sharing

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Aug 18, 2019

Seconds are Short

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Aug 11, 2019

Security is in Salvation

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Aug 4, 2019