When we the Church come to grasp the significance of our calling in Christ, things like life, faith, church, and mission begin to come into focus. When we understand our calling, we will never be alone. When we see our call clearly, we will be forever united in our position, purpose, practice, and power in Christ.

Called to Christ-Centeredness

Pastor Nate Newell Jul 10, 2022

Called to Cherish – Part 2

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Jun 26, 2022

Called to Cherish – Part 1

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Jun 19, 2022

Called to Communion

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Jun 12, 2022

Called to Copy Him

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Jun 5, 2022

Called to Honorable Conduct

Pastor Nate Lott May 29, 2022

Called to Change

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter May 22, 2022

Called to Completion

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter May 15, 2022

Called to Mutual Commitment

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter May 8, 2022

Called to Confident Prayer

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter May 1, 2022

Called to a Common Cause

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Apr 24, 2022

Called to a New Community

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Apr 3, 2022

Called to Cherish God’s Grace

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Mar 27, 2022

Called to Comprehend

Pastor Nate Newell Mar 20, 2022

Called to Celebrate the Spirit’s Sealing

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Mar 13, 2022

Called to Celebrate the Son’s Redemption

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Mar 6, 2022

Called to Celebrate the Father’s Choosing

Pastor Nate Newell Feb 27, 2022

Called by God

Pastor Jerry Lingenfelter Feb 20, 2022